Video Surveillance System Installer

Why Hire a Video Surveillance System Installer?

You've likely seen that some companies produce camera-based security systems that they claim can be installed by homeowners or businesspeople without much trouble. The problem is that one person's assessment of "not much trouble" is not the same as another's. Often, it turns out that these companies market as if they expect all homeowners to also be handymen who are used to doing fairly extensive DIY projects. If you do not fit that description, you'll find that it's better to hire a professional video surveillance system installer.

One of the reasons that it's good to have a security camera installer do the work is that the best locations for cameras are high off the ground. Exterior home cameras are typically put up under the eaves, while the ones on commercial buildings go at the edges of the rooftops. This requires repeated trips up and down ladders – one trip for each camera. That is very tiring for someone who isn't used to it, not to mention the inherent risk of falling off of the ladder at some point.

Indoors, cameras are still typically mounted up high. In commercial settings, they may be placed high on a wall or in a ceiling. At home, where indoor cameras are often used to monitor entryways or baby nursery rooms, they may go in the ceiling. The same difficulties that apply outdoors come into play in all of these places.

The other reason to hire a video surveillance system installer is to ensure that the cameras go in all the right places. A good security camera installer will be aware of the viewing range of each camera and will be able to place them so there are no blind spots in important locations.