Residential Security Cameras

Do Residential Security Cameras Actually Increase Security?

As long as you have the right expectations about your residential security cameras, they will meet your needs well. The main thing to remember is that they work to deter criminals from trying to rob or vandalize your house, rather than to actively prevent them from doing it. Therefore, cameras are best used as part of an overall deterrence plan that encourages thieves to go somewhere else.

Many people think of residential security cameras as devices for helping catch thieves who have gone ahead and committed crimes despite their presence. While this sometimes works, the effectiveness of this security arm depends greatly on your local police department. In general, the footage is more effective in areas where the police aren't overwhelmed with the number of crimes they have to investigate. Some criminals do indeed get caught based on security camera footage, but the deterrent effect is a much greater value.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a camera cannot be a deterrent if it is obviously broken. Therefore, you should get security camera repair services right away if your camera is knocked down, storm damaged, or otherwise out of order.

It is also important to check the actual operation of the camera every so often. Sometimes, criminals will disable a camera and then come back later to rob a target. If you notice that your camera is no longer recording or transmitting images, definitely get security camera repair ASAP. While an unexpected failure may turn out to be the result of something normal, such as water infiltration, it's best not to take any chances.

To help reduce the need for repairs, have your cameras installed in sheltered, hard-to-reach places. This will keep them from excessive weather exposure and also make it difficult for anyone to tamper with them.